Women of Achievement

This program celebrates the achievements of local women, including young women, through a biennial award. Sadly, the restrictions of COVID19 during 2020 prevented us from holding these awards. We look forward to reinstating this award in 2022.

There are three categories of awards; Visionary Leader, Community Worker/Volunteer and Mentor (Wise Woman). The Young Women of Achievement Awards are for 12 - 25 year olds in the same three categories. The Visionary Leader categories are for women who have been a major voice in the community, providing leadership to design/implement community improvements. Community Work/Volunteer is for women who volunteer for more than one activity, who are reliable and get the job done. The Mentor category is for women who have mentored other women over a number of years.

The 2022 Awardees will be posted here soon:

Visionary Leader           Young Woman      
Community Work/Volunteer       Young Woman    
Mentor (Wise  Woman)               Young Woman               


Honorary Certificates were presented to:

 - Visionary Leader

 - Community Worker/Volunteer

 - Community Worker/Volunteer

 - Mentor


Photos from the event:

Visionary Leader: Ali Chapman, with Patricia Dent (left) and Chris Frick (right)        Young Visionary Leader: Jessica Maiolo, with Patricia Dent (left)
Resized_20180613_200511_2210   Jessica_Maiolo_-_Y_Visionary_Leader
Community Work/Volunteer: Margaret House, with Chris Frick (left) and Patricia Dent (right)   Young Community Work/Volunteer: Tyanne Kemp with Chris Frick (left)
Margaret_Howse_-_Community_Worker-Volunteer   Tyanne_Kemp_-_Y_Community_Worker-Volunteer
Mentor: Soli Goodes, with Chris Frick (left) and Patricia Dent (right)   Young Mentor: Karly Sanders, with Chris Frick
Soli_Goodes_-_Mentor   Karly_Sanders_-_Mentor


Meeting Dates

  • 13 March
  • 10 April
  • 8 May (AGM and Handover)
  • 12 June
  • 10 July
  • 14 August
  • 11 September
  • 9 October
  • 13 November
  • 11 December (Christmas Party)

Divine Dining

Dinner at 6:45pm
Meeting at 7-9pm
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